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An Introduction to the Standard Parti-Poodle

Turning a Flame Box Elder Bowl - 07-2014

Turning a Russian Olive Bowl - 08-2014

Turning a 10" Pepper Mill - 01-2015

 Turning a Noggin 05-2016

End Year 2016 Investing Opinion

Wood Drying Using Pentacryl - 04-2014

Wood Drying Using Denatured Alcohol 04-2014

A Wine Country Diorama  04-2015

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MarthaStewart Living - Organizing - 2016

The Cairn Terrier

Cairns - The Subject of Penance

A Blast from the Past for the dog fancier:  Phil Hendrie Show from the year 2000, featuring Margaret Gray and the Winner's Bitch

The Ultimate Dog Tease (wmv Video)

Money Talk with Bob Brinker - Turning this Into the Monologue Segments.

0619-01 - Monologue.              Full First Hour


The Capitalist Pigs -  06-25-2016


Hour 1


The Mutual Fund Store - 04-23-2016

The show started out with types of insurance and later on talked about the instant gratification crowd.   Some decent calls during this show.

Hour 1


Retire Right with Alan Becker 04-23-2016   

Another annuity show masquerading as investment talk.  These cretins with their insurance products just keep on coming.

Hour 1 of 1


Coast to Coast - 01-02-10

Ian Punnet has four guests on giving their financial visions for 2010.  If you have never heard the show, bear in mind that it is typical to hear doom and gloom, catastrophic events, flying saucers, climate change, death and destruction etc., etc.   In other words, take all this with a grain of salt.

Hour 1 of 4    Hour 2 of 4    Hour 3 of 4    Hour 4 of 4

Annuity Problems hit too Close to Home

A Collection of calls regarding Annuities.

Two Bob Brinker  Annuity  calls from 05-10 and 5-11 of 2008.  Bob gets rather testy during the second call.