The Best Food for Cairn Terriers?
Opinions range from the gourmet to that which is required to keep the little *!#$&'s upright   (ok, caught me on a bad day - Cairn issues late last night), to somewhere in the middle.


The following is commentary from Barb, self-confessed Cairn Enthusiast

Hi Dan

For more information on dog food, I have been digging into this topic and pulled documents from good resources. The best, most concise pages are attached. 

I first found a company called Kumpi, after the big dog food scare (remember that one?) and Americans found out how interconnected all the dog food labels are. The truth came out.

Evy Serpa is so committed to her dogs health, she hired a multi-species nutritionist.  she is a dog trainer from the 1970's.  She never set out to make dog food for the masses... this was never her goal.  but her dog clients insisted on buying her dog food, and word of mouth spread like wildfire.  she was then pushed to produce more, and build a factory. her food is human grade quality.  she put her heart and soul into her company, Kumpi is the food fed to our 911 Search and Rescue dogs.   when you have time, read all of the blogs, testimonials, etc...

Her website is educational and informational.  it will help pet owners make educated decisions in their dog food selection.

My dogs do not have gas problems. they never have.  My parents dog does, and she now switched dog food and solved it.  They own Ruby Red Slippers, a Cairn Terrier who is very very spoiled.


for training and getting the most motivation, I cut up hot dogs (my hot dogs of choice are usually Jennie-O turkey wieners).... slice them up into fat nickel size pieces, layer paper towels on a plate, and microwave them so they are not black.. not raw, but a nice brown beef jerky texture.  (yes, I know, Hot dogs are disgusting, they have icky things in them like chicken beaks and yucky stuff.. oh well.)

I have owned several microwave ovens, and they all vary on cooking times, temps, etc.  so that is my best description.  the raw hot dogs are disgusting and repulsive. (hot dogs are convenient and easy to keep on hand for training)..When time allows, I prefer using organic chicken.  I will slow roast a chicken and cut up into a container.  I get very good attention when using these items.

the size pieces are very small, approx the size of an M&M.  they don't need much, just a little taste... to keep motivation and attention very focused.  works well.  I wear a goodie bag attached to me and become the Pez dispenser.  the only thing that will break the focus, is a chipmunk or other rodent.


I feed Orijen.  no grain in this food. I buy the blue bag with Salmon, fresh caught mercury free and chemical free.  the dog food kibble is also used in my dog training... they absolutely love it, and keep licking the dish long after the food is consumed.  if I need to do a lot of training, the measured dog food meals are put into the empty peanut butter jar, and that is the dog's portion for the day... I try to keep them at optimum peak performance weight. overweight dogs become easily injured.


Natures Farmacy (DOGZYMES... Digestive Enhancer, and the Ultimate.  Digestive Enhancer is a blend of probiotics and naturally occurring digestive bacteria. the Ultimate is a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids.  for dogs with bad joints, they have a nice glucosamine blend.)

Why the Supplements?

Natures Farmacy is my hope to avoid vet bills:    a few months ago. my 10 yr old dog had some mystery gut problem and the vet sent us home with 3 types of meds... no answer to my "What is wrong with him?"... typical Doctor mentality, shove pills at you and send you home after you write them a check to cover their Boat Payment.  (haa haa... this is a favorite response I am stealing from "Car Talk."... they always guffaw after a mechanic charges a huge sum of money, and does not fix the problem.---- they tell the radio audience that their mechanic needed to make his monthly boat payment, and that is why the repair cost so much)

Oliver was in dire need. after 3 days of vomiting and diarrhea (oozing black oily substance, and became would not eat).  the 3rd day we rushed into the vet. no answer. none. zippo.  a big disappointment. I feel that giving him the Digestive Enhancer will keep his gut and G.I. tract in perfect balance.  I hope.  the dog world community I have tapped into, consistently give Rave Reviews to the company Natures Farmacy.

1-800-733-4981  or   1-866-DOGZYMES -

~~ Barb

Recommended Brands / Sources

Born Free USA

California Natural

Dog Lover's Gold

Go Natural

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Nature's Variety

Patty Vesalo

Paul's Petfood Express (now Natural Food Delivery)  (the author's favorite)

~ If something in particular works for you, feel free to send something along