Lawrence Henry Rahme  Pop passed away in the fall of 2006 at the the age of eighty five.  

 He lived life the way he wanted until the end.

 If I could summarize his character  in one word, it would be  the word honor.

 He honored his family.

 He honored his faith.

 He honored his country.

 In a world where these character traits are fast becoming a  scarce  commodity,  he  provided  a role model for those who  in the darkest  of  times needed it most.

One cannot hope to capture the totality of a man's life on a  web  page and that is not my intention.

 I would however like  to include a few things  I know  were important  to him, and also some other items I believe he would like to have  shared with his friends and family.
                    Lawrence Henry Rahme (Pop)

Pops Parents
These are Pop's Parents - an Undated Photo.

1922 Famioy
Pop in Philadelphia, circa 1922 Pop and his brother Charles, circa 1923.  It looks like the military is in his future.

Pop's Mother, younger sister Cecilia, Pop and Charles. Pop's pop, sister Cecilia, brother Conrad, (?), (?)  Pop's Mother. Clementon, NJ  circa 1928.

1939 1939
Pop and his future wife Emma at the Sunshine Lake for  a Sunday School Picnic July 8, 1939.  (Pennsylvania?)

@ 1937 @ 1942
Pop, circa 1937 Pop in the US Army Air force, circa 1942

I think some of the best times of Pop's life were the war years.  He had many fascinating stories from that time.
We would spend summer afternoons out on the porch, he with his High Ball and me with a Gin and Tonic  swapping Naval Stories
with  Army Air Force Stories.  

I wish I would have taped some of them but fortunately I have a pretty good memory.

What follows is some documentation from his time in the service that  you don't see every day.

Physical Induction
June 22,  1942 was the day of the first physical. Classification followed only four days later.

And Changed their Mind Again They Changed their Mind
On June 26 Pop was ordered to report for induction. On June 29, they changed their minds.

Pass Front Pass Back
This is an Off  Duty  pass from training school in Pyote, Tx These passes were a bit more restrictive than the ones I had.

Housing Pass Front Housing Pass Back
This  type of pass was required for living off base. I think this was Pop's first home after marriage to Emma.

Commisary Pass Front Commisary Pass Back
I believe this is the equivalent to a commissary pass. The Army Air Force Logo I had not seen before.

AFE Technical School

Letter of Appreciation

Separation from Service Front and Back of Form


Honorable Discharge Front  and Back of Form


And a Letter from President Harry Truman


The other half of Pop's  life:   Emma

3 months @ Years
Emma Wright at Three Months of age. A wicker stroller? Emma at  two years of age. 

At the Beach Ruth Wright
Ships Bottom at Long Beach Island, NJ  - Early Teens? Emma's sister,  Ruth Wright

At the Beach At the Beach
Emma and Pop's sister CeCe Emma

Engagement Glamor Photo
Engagement and Wedding  announcements for Pop and Emma. A very nice studio photo for her husband.

After Marriage New Home
Emma and the cat. These two photos are undated.  Mid 40's, I think

Emma preceded Pop in death by a number of years.  Pop took care of her until the end.  
Those were not easy times.  He was never one to cut and run when things got tough.
He saw life  through to its natural conclusion.

Pop lived the last years of his life in Maine.  The photos that follow are from 2001.

Pop and Friends at the Complex

The Back of the Photo

Winter, 2002 Winter, 2002
I wondered why anyone would care to live in Maine. Black flies, harsh winters, mud.
Spring Summer
And then I see the beauty of Spring... And Summer.....

Foilage Sunset
The Flora....  And the Sunsets .... Maybe not such a bad place after all.

Pop enjoyed trains and anything that had to do with trains.  
He had several old electric train sets, one  which was brought out every Christmas  as the base for the Christmas tree.  

He had books on trains, train coins and even a train telephone.

I always thought he would enjoy this song:   Download    (right-click to save).
The group is the Sim Redmund band from his neck of the woods - the east coast.  

Lastly,  a photo with a rather curious inscription:
The back of this photo was inscribed by Pop and says,

           "In case you Forget me this is me Larry".

No, Pop.

We Won't Forget You.  

You continue to live on in the memories and in the lives of all the ones you touched.

It was an honor knowing you, sir.

Rest in Peace