Debbie's Dad's 70th Birthday  1 of 4

Plans were underway for several months to make Debbie's dad's  70th Birthday a memorable one.

We flew into Baltimore a day or two before the occasion and the first night ate one of the best
seafood dinners we'd had in a while.  You'd never have found the the place without some help.
The restaurant looked like it was situated on top of an abandoned building.  

Downtown was very compact and a curious mixture of old and new.
The Power Plant with the guitar on top lower level was actually a power plant
later converted to a Barnes and Noble Bookstore.

Later on in the day we went down to a place called Chincoteaque,
an island in Virgina and spent a day there.

It was quite flat - and humid.

Had a nice deck, though.

The sunset was impressive.......

And got even more so.

The following day we drove to the meeting hall where the surprise party was held
and boy it was a surprise to Carl.