What  Really Happened with the Mars Orbiter?
 Well, it kind of depends on who you listen to.

09-2012 -  NEW CLIP!
This material is probably not suitable for all listening audiences.  It contains some coarse language and other  shall we say, explicit topics - but nothing that could not go out over the public airwaves at KFI in Los Angeles

Coast to Coast - The Beginning

Our first selection comes from October 13, 1998 and is the first in a series of 'Coast to Coast' shows featuring Art Bell and...

Major Johnson Jameson

 Major General Johnson Jameson.

For those of you unfamiliar with Coast to Coast, it is a late night talk show which features the odd, unexplained, supernatural, paranormal, UFO's, aliens and the like.  About 30 minutes long.

Major General Johnson Jameson - The Demon in My Ass


Urine to Lemons!
Urine my Ass!
Urine my Colon!

The General has some Issues in this clip from December 23, 1999

Goblin Juice

If you want to know more about Goblin Juice then you you will have to listen to the clip.

The commercials are a parody of a long time sponsor who sold things like emergency supplies for Y2K,  disaster preparedness items ranging from the 'Freeplay Radio' to light bulbs that never burn out to 55 gallon bins of freeze dried food.  

Werewolf Punch - 10-07-1999

Werewolf Punch!

General Johnson Jameson returns with a more practical form of transmutation.  What do you get when you mix goblin juice with werewolf concentrate?  Why you get werewolf punch!

Peenman Enterprises also has some new  'can't do without it'  items for sale,  one of them having something to do with Y2K Vampires!

The Hurricane and the Little People

In this clip Major General Johnson Jameson decides to find the Little People who reportedly live in the eye of a hurricane and runs into a few problems....

On Coast to Coast, there are those who believe 12 foot tall aliens live under Mount Shasta.  Others believe there is a whole other world - an Underworld of beings 10 times smarter than we humans are.  We never see them because they are waiting for us humans to become 'enlightened' ,


In this episode the Major General has come up with an invisibility potion with which if we could become invisible, we would become disease free.

Unfortunately the black helicopter portion of the government has other plans.  

Ah well, there are other adventures in store for the Major and in one the Major decides get the real scoop on Area 51.

The Mars Orbiter Crash

What really happened to the Mars Orbiter?  The General is determined to find out.

Coast to Coast has people with other opinions like those of Ed Dames, who remote viewed defensive weaponry on Mars.  That defensive weaponry brought down the Mars Orbiter and will supposedly destroy any other probes breaching Mars' atmosphere.

Whatever Happened to Hoffa?


From 07-31-2000

Art Bell comes out of retirement once again to give his theory.
Peenman Commercials:
- Have Yourself a Buzz
- Swill Wild Turkey
- A Flask of Rye, Whiskey or Vodka

The End


From January 22, 2004,  Art comes out of retirement to explain why he finally  retired.

I suppose he went back from whence he came..........