The Curse of the North

1 of 4 worthless dogs

The Curse of the North is not always a curse.  The neighbor on this side of the fence does a lot of dog sitting for relatives.  
His two dogs by themselves are not that bad.  
However, when the other two dogs come to visit, it turns into a barkfest, and usually for a couple weeks.

You wake up, let your dogs out and walk out back with them to throw a few sticks,
play around a little and on one side of the yard you are greeted with this every morning.

Just Press Play if You Feel Masochistic.   External:

Here we have four mixed breed dogs (one over the limit) which happen to be named after adult beverages.
Whiskey, Brandy and other assorted liquors.  

These dogs don't bark at me.  They bark at our dogs if they look like they are having fun.

This is normally instigated by the younger visitors.


Until it gets too hot.

Or until I go back inside.

Of course the cairn doesn't help matters either.  

If it looks like the neighbor's dogs are not making enough noise, he is more than happy to go over and jack them up.

Rotten little dog.

The Curse of the South


May I introduce to you for your listening pleasure, Vincent.

This rotten dog barks at everyone and everything nonstop, except for me.

These people have three dogs. Two you never see and this one patrols the yard.

Vincent is absolutely hands down the worst sack of skin I have ever seen on the other side of a fence.

I have talked to the neighbor about Vincent several times and the neighbor apologizes and says,
"He really likes to listen to his voice, doesn't he."

Something is not quite clicking over there - the lights aren't burning that bright, so it is hard to get really  aggravated at the owners.

Vincent and I have come to an understanding.  

He doesn't bark at me nonstop and I don't soak him with the hose set to 'Pressure Wash' and if he is out of range for that,
the "Super Soaker".

Unfortunately, hoses and Super Soakers do not work very well in the dead of winter and it can be pain packing around a Super Soaker
every time you wish to go outside and do a little work or just enjoy yourself on your property.

Others however don't have that same level of understanding with Vincent.

One day he had the lady on the other side of the fence literally crying, pleading for the dog to shut up.

He didn't, of course.

Try to do any maintenance around the yard and it barks nonstop.

A neighbor working two yards away will be subjected to this harassment all day.

Try to relax out on the deck with a Cairn and a bottle of wine, and if the rotten dog sees you, you are get to listen to this for hours on end:

Don't worry - just a taste of the actual experience.


The neighbors on this side do not really respond to their rotten dog barking his head off unless it is early in the morning.

After all, that is what dogs do, isn't it?

What to do About IT

This has gone past aggravating.  I am tired of dealing with it and my thoughts on the subject do  not exactly consist of  things benign.    

When in Doubt, Consult Your Better Half

One day after speculating out loud about what size shot would produce an optimal pattern at say 50  feet,  my wife thought she might have
a better idea.

She said that given all the advances in technology, there should be something out there which could effectively deal with obnoxious dogs.

I said yes,  I heard the military developed a sort of pain weapon; a device which heats up your skin and makes you want to crawl out of it.  

Not a bad idea!  

I wonder if there is a civilian version.

She said no, that is not exactly what she had in mind.  What she was thinking of was those high frequency bark stoppers - the kind dogs
can hear and people can't.  That could work, couldn't it?

I said something in the 180+ decibel range would work fine for me.  I'd have a look.

Three Hours Later

I couldn't find anything that would actually blow out their ear drums but I did come up with this:

Petsafe Bark Control

The user reviews were mixed but all in all this product by Pet Safe seemed to have the most
positive comments.  

I put in an order.

The Package

When people order these, they must know people are ordering them out of desperation because this came quick.  
I ordered UPS ground on a Saturday afternoon and it arrived on Tuesday.

The Box

Out of the box it looks like this.  There is a simple dial with three modes of operation and a 'Test' position.  
The modes are Low (up to 15'), Medium (Up to 30')  and High (Up to 50').  

Note: The Test Position stays on all the time but drains the battery faster.  Boy, this is tempting.

It takes one 9 volt battery and can be mounted with screws too.

PetSafe Mounted

I opted to try this out on Vincent first.

An Unhappy Dog

One thing which really gets Vincent going is trying to do any maintenance by the fence.
Here I am planting  a Dwarf Pampas Grass which will grow really big and block a lot of view.

The Anti-Bark device is mounted about 6 feet up and about 30 feet from one of Vincent's favorite barking locations.  

I set the switch to Maximum.

The results were near instantaneous.  

Vincent let out one long bark, paused in mid-stream, whined and ran off in the other direction.


Vincent, one day later.   External:

Three days later the results are most impressive.  The most Vincent does anymore is run to the opposite side of the fence, gather up
speed and run past me  with a drive-by bark, and a short one at that.

Today, Vincent walked up to the fence, looked at me and didn't make a sound.  For over 10 minutes.

So impressed was I,  I went in the garage and got him a PigTwist and tossed it over the fence.

He regarded it with some suspicion (and not without good reason), picked it up and spent another half hour wandering around the
yard with the twist hanging out of his mouth like a cigar before settling down and chewing.

In silence.

Two thumbs up for the barker breaker by Pet Safe.

I would be interesting in hearing how others have dealt with this problem so if you have something to share without too many borderline
descriptive phrases, feel free.

Perhaps others can benefit from ideas which have actually worked.