How to Build a Cheap Disposable Dog House.


Try finding a cheap doghouse for a cairn terrier sometime.  

The closest I could come up with was an igloo cat house which cost just about as much as an igloo dog house.

I think we can do a little better than that.

Storage Container

Step 1

Find a cheap, sturdy storage container that has some holes around the rim which will serve as drain holes for water.

Measure out and cut a piece of carpet for dog to lay on.

Storage Container

Step 2

Cut a hole in one end.  Rotozips work really well for this.  Do it outside though.

Glue Carpet

Step 3

Glue the carpet to the bottom of the lid. and weight down using container top stacked with books for weight.


Step 4

Assemble once the glue dries and place on floor.


Step 5

Test out on dog.

The End

Total Cost - @ 20.00.