Western Tanagers Visit the Yard

For the past several years I have had an occasional glimpse of yellowish birds looking something like a large gold finch passing through the yard.  They never stayed around long enough to view through binoculars or to pose for a photo, that is until May of this year.

These two birds stayed for about 10 minutes in the crab apple tree, long enough to get several photos. I did not have much of a zoom lens but it worked well enough.

I had a look in the bird book and they were easy enough to identify as Western Tanagers.

The birds have been hanging around since early May.

We have a large picture window facing west and birds plow into it with some regularity. Got my first good look at a Towhee that way.

One morning I heard another 'thunk!' against the window and looked out to see a Tanager laying on the deck but still moving around a bit.

I picked up up and it was groggy but didn't appear to be injured and used the opportunity to get a few detailed photos.

A Dazed Tanager

The Tanager seemed to be shaking off the collision with the window so I set it down in the shade under a tree and left.

A look at the tail feathers

An hour or so later it was gone so maybe it survived.