Ely, Nevada - The Nevada Northern Railway


A trip to Ely would not be complete without a ride on the Nevada Northern Railway.  The train station is conveniently
located about one block north of the Steptoe Valley Inn.

Nevada Northern Railway Train Station

The train station is in nice shape and they have some displays worth seeing.  The gift shop has some decent wine
from the Pahrump Vineyards in Pahrump, Nevada.

Some Pics from the Museum

Medical Kit


Work Desk

Station Master

The Train Ride

The Engine

There were open air cars and enclosed seating as well.  About 6 cars in total.   The trip takes an hour or so and
it heads west towards the Liberty Copper  Mine and then reverses direction back to the yard.

An Interesting Fence


I must confess I have never seen a fence made entirely out of pallets.  This was just west of the train station.


Going through one of two tunnels west of Ely.


No idea what these are,  I've seen them several times and have asked about them.

Ely School House

An old school house west of Ely.

Open Air

The open air car.

Enclosed Car

One of the enclosed cars.

Telephone Booth

An old 'Phone' booth.  

Honeymoon Cottage

This is what is left of the Honeymoon Cottage.
The Honeymoon Cottage was for newlyweds who didn't have a home of their own.  
A couple could stay in the cottage while they scraped funds together for their own place.  


Erosion on the south side of the highway has been in a repair mode for the last several years.  A number of
mines are ramping back up and part of the deal was fixing the erosion problems.


South Side


Another old home.

School Bus Storge

The school bus depot.

Evening Entertainment

Brothels have been in business for a long time here.  The only time they were ever shut down was during WWII,
where the Army took a dim view of the business.  It was considered a necessity during the mining days.

Renaissance Village

The Renaissance Village.  We didn't visit this but here is a snippet from their site:

"The Ely Renaissance Society represents an organized community effort to bring about the introduction of
culture and fine art into the community of Ely, Nevada."

"Formed in 1999,   the Renaissance Society is proud to have financed over twenty outdoor murals
and sculptures in our 11 block downtown area."

"Artists from all over the world were brought in to create images of our history using a variety of different art styles."

The Back Side of the Train Station

A view of the train station from the back side.  

Following the train ride, a tour of the shop was available to those who wanted it.

The Shop


Let  me introduce you to Bob.  Bob knows everything there is to know about the trains, train station and
train repair.  Bob can talk as long as you want to listen.  The group started out with about 20 people and
an hour later dwindled down to four.  We were two of the four and finally left an hour and a half later, and
Bob was still talking.  

The Shop

A steam engine in repair.

Boring Machine

 One large boring machine..

Steam Engine

Another view of engine 93.

Grinding Stone

This grinding stone is still in use.

The Shop Looking East

Another engine is in this shop awaiting repair.  For those of you that like old and still functional machining
equipment,  this is the place to visit.

Snow Plow

Bob  and the snow plow.  I have never seen one of these.  Looks like an engine out of "Star Wars".

Train Car

Another Plow

The End

The End