Ely, Nevada and the Steptoe Valley Inn

Rolling into Ely, Nevada
After driving for several hours to Ely, we decided to get a bottle of wine to commemorate the safe trip.  
The first stop was the local grocery store, where the selection was pathetic.  

Now I don't mean to be a wine snob,  but if the only thing the store offers is wine in gallons, wine in boxes, or  wine
in wicker covered bottles......... there is a bit to be desired.

The store owner informed us that in West Ely (there is a difference?),  there was a discount liquor store that had
some selections more suitable for the discriminating palate. 

I had some reservations about the whole thing so Debbie went in and came out several minutes with what I would
describe as a very neutral look on her face.  

She wouldn't tell me what she bought, other than to say that the store owner assured her it was 'Top of the Line'.
I didn't push the issue.

Debbie's Home

Debbie lived in Ely for a time and we were able to figure out where she lived.  This is it.

Debbie's School

We were also able to find the school she went to.  It reminds me of O.E. Bell Junior High, the school I went
to in Junior High.

School History

A bit about the history of the school.

Around Back

A view of the school from around back.  Where the sagebrush is now, the playground used to be.

Ely Newspaper

We found the 'Ely Times', the local paper about a block away from the train station.  A man was coming out so
I stopped and asked him if he could direct us to the Steptoe Valley Inn.

He grinned and suggested we turn around and look straight ahead.

Steptoe Valley Inn


Operating Hours

On the outside, the inn didn't look bat at all.  In the reflection is the Subaru Forester (really does get good gas
mileage by the way).  Since these people do no advertising on the way into and out of town, here is a free plug.


Looking from the lobby area out to the street, this is what you see.  It was a beautiful restoration.


The structure was originally a grocery store and it stood vacant for many years.  One day a retired airline pilot
and his wife decided Ely, Nevada was the place for them and this store would make fine restoration project
for and Bed and Breakfast.  They did a first class job.  

However, owning a Bed and Breakfast is a full time job and in retirement, you are supposed to be slacking
off on the work load, right?  

They ended up selling the B&B to a retired rancher and his wife, who are the current operators.  


Where are the rooms?  Upstairs, naturally.

 Book Case The Room

At the top of the stairs was a book case and it even sported current titles.  Down to the left a bit was the bedroom.
It was verrrrrry nice and even had air conditioning.


An unoccupied room east and to the left.

Each room was named after a person of note in Eastern Nevada.  We got the Requa Room.  
To the right is another bedroom.  I particularly liked the color scheme.

Kitchen Area

The dining area looked very nice.  Breakfast in the morning was included, so I hope it tastes as good
as this place looks.

About that wine........... There is supposed to be balcony here somewhere...........


There it is.  There are two sets of chairs and tables and they are facing north, into the smoke and haze of the
California fires.  They (the fires) are bad this year.

Little Penquin

This is the high dollar wine Debbie bought at the liquor store.  Apparently the folks in Ely are a hard drinking
bunch and there is not much call for 'high end' wines.  This was categorized as 'quite expensive'.

The Balcony

Five or six shots later, after finally figuring out time delayed photography.   The afternoon was hot and hazy.
It was time to drive around a bit and see what other sites Ely had to offer.

We have everything!

There wasn't much of interest except for this, which I don't really know how to characterize except to say,

"Look at us!  We have an arbor, a deer, a flag, a star, a trellis and even a teddy bear!  We have everything!

Into the bathroom.

Back at the hotel,  management seems to have applies a personal touch to just about everything.


Breakfast in the morning was quality coffee, bacon, scrambled eggs and French toast.
It was very good.

Breakfast in Motion

Quality,  all the way around.

Barbecue Pit

Adjacent to the hotel (train depot in the background) is the barbecue house, which also belongs to the
B&B owners.

The B&B and Barbecue are up for sale by the way for only 250K.

The last night in Ely we went to the Jail house restaurant, where you can dine in your own individual cell.
They feature steaks and the steaks are right up there with those served in higher end establishments.


Sunset in Ely.  

I would say the Steptoe Valley Inn rates  5 out of 5 stars. Too bad it is not a little closer to home.