A Trip to Muscatine, Iowa.


One thing about the Midwest, there is no shortage of old barns with trees growing through them.
Might make for an interesting picture  book one day.

Stopped Traffic

I got side tracked for about 15 minutes while another large piece of equipment was being moved down the road.

One large piece of equipment.

I have no clue what this is.  It looks like one very large fortified driver shaft of some kind.  It was enormous.


Grain silos, and corn everywhere.

More Info

A sign advertised a rest stop in between Chariton and Albia, IA.  I decided to stop and have a look.

Saint Patrick of Georgetown

This is an old Roman Catholic church called St. Patrick of Georgetown, located in Albia, Iowa.
It was built around 1860 by Irish settlers.  The church is still used, but the town of Georgetown is no more.


A nice statue and one I about broke my ankle on when I stepped into a well camouflaged rabbit hole.

Picnic Table

The rest stop itself is marginally better than those in rural Nevada, in that this one has grass... and trees.


Walking down the hill, the grass was loaded with these purple flowers.


A bit further down was a pond loaded up with algae.  There are lots of  ponds around here.
The water t able must be pretty high.


Another structure in ruins.  This one looks like on old house.

How about this home.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the tracks, get a load of this home.  A five car garage (at least)
and who knows how many rooms.  There was a turret on the other side of the home.

One thing  I've noticed around here, mowing lawns is a family effort.


Further on down the road is another marsh.  I still haven't quite figured out what the hunting sign
is trying to tell me.


This was a nice place to stop.  Even had a couple benches.  


I didn't notice any mosquitoes though.  Looks like a good area for bass fishing.

Cargill Processing Plant

Heading on into Eddyville, traffic got congested with trucks and the air took on a peculiar odor.
This is a Cargill corn processing plant.  Eddyville must be a larger town than I thought.

Next stop,  Eddyville, IA.