Leyte, Philippines 

What was I doing May 23 of 1998?  

Doing a little sight seeing .

Philippine Centennial

The first stop was to the MacArthur Shrine.

Leyte Landing

This is called 'Leyte Landing'.

These are bronze statues of General Douglas MacArthur,  Philippine President  Sergio Osmeņa 
and other high ranking officers.  Their arrival was at the time the last of Japanese were being  forcibly
evicted from the Philippine Islands. 


Not much changed since the last time I was there.  


I never trusted these one man taxis.  I would only take one  if I knew exactly where I wanted to go.

State College of Agriculture

Next stop was the State College of Agriculture .  School was out for the summer and I had
an opportunity to walk around the grounds for a while.  I remember the day being cooler than usual.

Flora 1

Looking out towards the ocean.

Flora 2

These pictures were taken with one of the first digital cameras available in 640 x 480 format.

Flora 4

I cannot identify most of the vegetation, but it was quite a site.

Flora 5

Flora 6

Flora 6

Flora 7

If this is a palm,  I know why I took the picture.

Flora 9

Flora 10

Flora 10

Flora 9

Flora 10

Flora 11

Flora 12

Indoor plants back in the states.

Flora 13

More indoor plants.

Flora 14

I have no idea what this is.  I thought at the time the locals described it as Durian Fruit.  It looked
kind of like bananas, was reputed to smell really bad but tasted quite delicious.

It was a nice way to spend one of those rare afternoons away from the power plant.