The Arbor

Ten or Eleven years ago I built an arbor out of old heat exchanger tubing.  The idea of course was to
get something to grow on it.  We tried to get something to grow on the frigging thing for over five years and everything we tried, died.

At that point I was smart enough to only try stuff that could survive the climate and picked stuff I saw
actually growing around the neighborhood.  It all died, regardless of what we planted.

The original reason for the arbor  was to provide enough shade to plant something a bit more unusual in the bed underneath.  

So,  one year we planted five different things at the same time, drowned them with Miracle Gro,  Ironite,  bone meal and vitamin B1.  

And what happened?  Everything survived.  Go figure.

Arbor 1
On the right side of the arbor is Silver Lace and  a species of honey suckle whose name I
have forgotten.  The silver lace has to be mown down several times during the summer.

Arbor 2
The left side sports Virginia Creeper and a Climbing Iceberg.  Virgina  Creeper leaves get
wind and sun damage in this location but it does ok.  The birds like the fruit.

Virginia Creeper Leaf Damage
This is an example of damage to the leaves of the Virginia creeper on the Arbor.

Virginia Creeper with Protection
This Virginia Creeper has wind protection provided by the Tamarisks in Back.

Healthy Virginia Creeper Leaves
Notice how much healthier these leaves are compared to the  one's on the arbor.

Virginia Creeper and Silverlace.  Fall, 2006

Two Wisteria vines  grow on the back side.  We figured, what the hell - nothing else will
grow - might as well try that too.   Wisteria is one of the first things that blooms.  You see
blooms before you see leaves.  The trunks of these fines are now over two inches in diameter.

Cairn 1                             Cairn 2

A Trivia Question :

                            What does this                                       have in common                                 with this?

Give yourself three brownie points if you know the answer and no, it is not that they both have stubby tails.   Think Ireland.