Planting Cactus - 2006

Replace these Cacti

There are three cacti that need to be replaced.  
Two are cholla and the third got hit hard by cactus bugs.

Dead Cacti

This cactus was once pretty attractive - nice blooms in the spring.
It appears there are a number of babies so we'll salvage them.

Seedlings More Seedlings
I found a number of seedlings while rooting around. With Cactus, I don't worry too much about keeping the roots moist.  Just don't take too long transplanting them.


The easiest way to do this and not get stuck is using a method similar to this:

1.  Dig a number of furrows.
2.  Pick the cacti up by the roots and lay them on right side of the furrows.
3.  Fill in the furrows from the left, which pushes the cacti back to upright.  
4.  Tamp down and water.


The transplated crop.

July, 2007

These guys are growing well and I have managed to give a few away too!


And these are the replacements.

I had a gift certificate and bought a Red Yucca  (Hesperaloe parviflora) for $34.00 and then
split it in half,  making it realtively inexpensive.

July 2007 - Doing Fine

New Opuntia

And this is a pot of a small opuntia, supposedly native to Nevada.
I have not seen this one before so we'll see what transpires.

All this transpired September 3, 2006.

This web stuff is actually kind of neat.  How many times have you planted something and
a couple years later forgot what it actually was and when you planted it.

This way, you have kind of an ongoing record.