In and around Northern Nevada - November, 2008

Looking west from Minden
Looking west from Minden
It is always nice to see clouds roll in.......finally.   Still not much moisture during the month.
Second to Last FlowerLast Flower
I thought this would be the last flower of the season.  I bought this one at Lowes - thought it was a marigold.  It is either one tough  annual or it is a perennial.Turned out the Johnny Jump Ups once again were last in show.  These fit in well with vinca minor if you happen to have some shade cover.
East of RenoTowards Still Water
November is a good time of year for fall colors. This is east of Reno along Highway 80, on the way to Fernley.There are numerous cottonwoods on the way out to the Stillwater Wildlife Refuge.
Wildlife RefugeFish Hatchery
The Mason Valley Wildlife Management Area  is a premier site during certain times of the year for birding.It also sports a fish hatchery.  I have been out here several times and have never seen another visitor while I have been there.
This is the fish hatchery building.  Never seen anyone in it but it has always been open and people actually do sign the guest log.This is the fish hatchery itself.  It is entirely screened in and holds lots of fish.
Feeders for the trout.Feeder for the feeders.
How not to photograph fish.This looks a little better.
StarlingsCooper's Hawk
The bird bath is quite popular with starlings.A Cooper's hawk looking for sparrows in the honeysuckle.
California QuailCalifornia Quail
A young male California QuailThese are nice looking birds.
Gold FinchesRobin
Gold Finches taking a bathRobin
Black WidowCairn
A very cold Black Widow.A very wet Cairn
Moving down south towards Hilmar Ca, - a cotton fieldStrange looking stuff.
Best WesternCacti
The Best Western Apricot Inn ........................Nice Cacti Though
ItchBaby Blues
Allergies can be a problem around here.Baby Blues
What do these photos have in common?Hint:  Mormonism isn't an issue.
Company Call CenterCompany Call Center
Welcome to the new Company Call CenterFortunately this is a temporary location.
Mid NovemberDaisy Type Flolwers
Outside the Call Center are acres of these.Still blooming in late November.
New JobNew Tools
A new job means new tools - pricey tools.Lifetime warranty though.
Reno, Looking SouthSunset
Always nice to see clouds.Sunset south of Minden.