Paul F. Foster Engineering Division Personnel from 1983 - 1989

Las Vegas Las Vegas 2
A Silhouette of one of the three amigos.  Which One is this? Well, he's one of these two.
Las Vegas 3 Reduction Gear
And he's not this guy.  This guy is Terry.  He was a GSE (Gas Turbine Systems Electrician).  Terry was also a very smart guy and liked Lincolns..  He bought an early 1980's jet black Lincoln Continental  whose electrical system fried.  He fixed it and put it all back together himeself.  Heard he went to work for a book binding company after he got out, and got religion too.

He's this guy, my friend Mike.   Prior to the USN, Mike worked at one of the now defunct Airlines.  I forget where he actually hailed from, but Paso Robles is now his home.  

haircut Fire Drill
Dennis was also a pretty good barber.  The ship's barbers were not so good.  

Here we have pictured Dennis giving Jeff Meyers a haircut in the engineering space.

Dave, pictured in the fore front was from Tomahawk, Wisconsin.

He was a very easy guy to get along with and had a good sense of humor.   I don't know what became of  him. 

The guy in the back was a Hull Technician (welder).  Jim, I think.  He use to borrowed large sums of money from me prior to a pot call and always paid back with a nice amount of interest.

A Tarentuala skink
Dave, one of the other Three Amigos was my first real introduction to life aboard the Paul F. Foster.  I think he signed up for three years and was at the end of his second year when I met him.
This is me in Australia holding a Blue Tongued skink I found on the beach.  Australia was a lot of fun.  We were there for the Australia 75th Naval Anniversary.  Went from Perth, on down south and up to Sydney for the celebration.
varner module
Jim was an electrician and a very good pool player.  He probably could have made a living at it.  In Australia he regularly beat the Australians at snooker, which made for some rather tense moments at times.  

Sleeping was a popular past time.  Never seemed to get quite enough of that.
This is another Jim, who was kind enough to pose inside the module of an Allison 501K17.  He was a GSE and I think he re-enlisted.
Halloween Reduction Gear
Halloween.  Need I say more? Me, standing in front of the main reduction gear with one of the pinion covers lifted off.  This is from a group of photos labeled 'Reduction Gear Fiasco'.  I don't really remember what the fiasco was, but to be pulling covers off, it must have been serious.
#3 Generator Room Sleep
As I said....... You never could quite get enough sleep.
Playing with Filters Mirror Filter
It could get pretty boring underway. A great time to play with camera filters.

If you have any nice photos that won't get anyone in trouble (even at this late date) and can comment them, please send them on.  
I will update the site when I have time.   Engineering is the main focus since I was in it, but anything interesting can be included: