Sea Sparrow Missile Launch

Prior to going overseas I decided to buy a better camera.  In the ship's store was  a Canon T-90,
one of the more advanced cameras at the time.

It  was auto everything, except for lens focusing, which was manual.  

Auto focus wasn't real reliable.  It had a frame rate of 4.5 frames a second.

One day while underway it was announced the ship was going to General Quarters to fire a Sea Sparrow
missile  at a drone.

Sea Sparrowmissiles are anti-aircraft missiles and exit the firing cannister going somewhere around mach 4.

My friend Bill and I looked at each other and we grabbed our cameras.  Being an  oil king did have its advantages.

One was that you could move about the ship during General Quarters.

We went up on the helo deck and waited, cameras at the ready.

The next thing I heard was a very loud roar. Couldn't see a thing.  I held the shutter button down on the camera and
followed the noise.

I got eight pictures, which means the event lasted a little under two seconds.

I couldn't believe the results when I got the pictures back.

This was one of the more popular sets of pictures  that  my shipmates requested  pictures of.

Leaving the Cannister

I actually got a picture of  the missile leaving the cannister.

Moving Along

And it's picking  up speed.

Up in the Sky

Up and out of sight.

Got the drone

And the drone is toast.