The Three Amigos

Last month I was looking around on the 'net' and came across a site that listed P.F.
Foster 'Alumni' and ran across a couple friends.  

The Three Amigos

Dave on the left gave me the official tour my first day on the ship and introduced me to
the concept of laundry bags and ships laundry.

Dennis in the center had some of the same recreational activities I did.  
Remember 'Ruthless People?'

Mike on the right could lockwire that damn 6:00 position fuel nozzle ten times faster
than I, which saved me scarred fingers and much aggravation.

Three Amigos 2

They are at the Blue's Festival in Iowa (I think).  

First time they'd seen each other in some twenty years.

Looking at what is available on the 'net' compared to what I have,

I can add a lot of nice content and will do that as time permits.