Underway Replenishment (Unrep)

These photos are of a high-line transfer, where 5" 54 caliber ammo is being transferred to the Foster.  
These evolutions required a constant speed and space be maintained between the two ships.
It wasn't a very dangerous evolution but it did require vigilance.

I'm not sure what the bell looking thing is.  Maybe a sign that that is the last crate being transferred.
The ship in the background monitors the evolution provides a safety net if someone falls overboard or something
untoward occurs.

I didn't get to see or participate in many unreps so I thought I'd grab a few photos for posterity.  
Generally the lower your pay grade, the more you got to attend these events.

The supply ship maintains constant communication with the receiving ship.
I think this is the USS Flint - AE 32, but  I could be wrong.

More ammo coming on board.  The 5" guns were pretty accurate.  It was amazing how they could track and down
overhead drones.  Those turrets could move a lot faster than you'd think.

I think the ammo elevator is off to the right.  I changed my mind.  I think the bell looking thing serves as ballast.

The best unreps were when fresh food got transferred on.  Several weeks out and that lettuce started getting
a bit stale.  There was always a run on the ship's store after a replenishment, where you got canned goods
and personal items.  

Sometimes there would be something a bit more unusual, like a Canon T-90 at a very affordable price.