War Games

During my time in the service the ship was underway something like  320 days out of the year.
Most of the time it seemed like we were floating around out in the ocean to achieve some sort
of underway readiness record.

Other times,  we would actually do something interesting, like conduct war games and other
combat maneuvers.  I remember this one going on for three days or so.  Got to see lots of planes.

Being in engineering, we didn't have a lot of time top-side so I would take advantage of photo
opportunities when I could.

I think the entire time we were the flagship for DESRON  (Destroyer Squadron) Nine,
The Carl Vincent  (CVN-70) was at the heart of the group.  

Here, the Carl Vincent is loaded up with all kinds of planes.  They were practicing
takeoffs and landings during this evolution.

This is one of my favorite pictures.  A helicopter is transporting what I believe is an
A6 Corsair to the deck of the Vincent.

Another ship we saw lots of was the Marvin Shields FF-1066.   I believe the ship
was ported out of San Diego.

I don't know what  ship this is.  I believe the ship was lighting off and I thought it
would make a nice photo.

This looks like a frigate.  I will have to double check the hull number.  I nice
silhouette shot.

The USS Berkeley, DDG-15 is pictured here.  There were with us when we cruised
up to Australia for the 76 Naval Anniversary.

A Corsair in flight.

A Naval helicopter.  Lots of  them flying around during war games.

A silhouette of the Vincent in the afternoon.

Another one of my favorites.  A photo of an AWAC taking off from the Vincent.

A nice photo of another helo.

Naval Transport helicopters - never got a chance to ride in one of  them.

A close up of an AWAC flying overhead.

I am not sure what kind of planes these are but I remember taking the picture.
I thought leaving the lens flare would make for a pretty nice picture.  It did.