Spalted Maple Bowl

This bowl turned out quite nicely and came from rather humble beginnings.

The humble beginning is from a crotch piece, where at least three limbs are joined.

It took a bit to figure out how to mount this to get something decent sized out of it.

The chain saw blade is taking this down quickly.  Love this thing

The white areas are very pithy and soft.  These are going to have to be drenched with CA glue.  
I used the chainsaw to finish getting the piece round so the speed reducer can be removed.

This is turning down really fast.  I removed the speed reducer and cranked up the speed.  It is going well.

I ended up coating the outside and inside with CA glue and filled in one hole with turquoise.  The piece
is really well balanced, considering.   This only takes a couple hours.

This has to be one of the nicer bowls.  It is being finished with True Oil.  The outside is sanded down
to 600 grit and the inside is 400 grit.