It's Never too Early to Start on a Christmas Wood Working Project (2007):



1- 2x4
1- 3/4" Plywood Oval for Base
2 - 1" Googly Eyes
1 - 1.5"  Red Cotton Ball for Nose
1 - 1.5" or so White Cotton Ball for Tail
1 - 8x11 Sheet Brown Felt
1 - 8x11  Sheet Tan Felt
1 - Ribbon Bow Tie
1 - Poinsetta for Top of Head
2 - Pine Cones
1 - Holiday Assortment - for Base
4 - 2" Self Tapping Screws
1 - Can Stain - I used Walnut.
1 - Glue Gun with Glue Sticks


The top and bottom of the reindeer get two screws, drilled in from the back.  The white cotton ball used for the tail covers one screw hole.

The legs are attached to the base with one screw each, drilled up through the bottom.

Everything else is attached using a glue gun.

The rest is up to the imagination

You'll have to admit - it is a pretty funny picture.    If I get real ambitious,  I might try a family.

What many people do, myself included is outside of the Christmas season, Rudolph stays in the same corner with the back side facing the living room.  During Christmas, he is turned around.  That is why you decorate the tail and place the poinsetta on the back side. 

Note to self:  Next time, take a picture of the back side.