Towing Exercise

Yes, even Navy ships run out of gas, lose power  or cannot get underway on their own.
We were simulating a loss of power.  


A frigate comes in and around from the right and drops a rope.  I may be wrong on this cause it's been
a while but I belive it is done similar to a high line transfer where a smaller guide rope is shot across to
the receiving ship. That is pulled over and a succession of larger ropes come over until the deck crew
gets hold of the actual towing rope.

Hundreds of feet of rope is pulled over and laid out.  The rope is then slowly fed out as the towing ship
increases distance.

Moves out

The deck crew now has the tow rope and is  slowly letting out rope to get the proper distance between the two ships.

Moving into position

They are still letting out rope.  Takes a lot of guys to control a tow rope.

Moving into position

The ship is getting to the proper distance.

Away we go

And away we go.  We are now being towed.