Banksia Pod Creations from Fellow Wood Turners

7mm Banksia Pod Pen

7mm Banksia Pod Pen from Richard in Broken Arrow, OK - May, 2010

Banksia Pod Knife Scales

Banksia Pod Knife Scales from Jimmmie Wise in Sapulpa, OK  - June, 2011

'I used a Banksia seed to make scales to be used for a knife. I purchased the knife kit at a local retailer here in Oklahoma.
'I cut the scales using toe core of the seed to be applied to the sides of the knife. This allowed me to have smaller holes on the outside of the knife.
'I have about 10 pounds of non-stabilized Turquoise. I fitted, caused to fit, or broke the Turquoise to fit. One at a time, I filled each of the holes with a stone that filled up the holes, using CA as the glue.  After much Rotary tool grinding to bring the Stones down to the flat sides of the knife handle, I did a finish much as you described. I’ll attach a picture to show you. You can use the picture any way you wish. I would like my name (Jimmy Wise) to accompany it if published.
'I absolutely love your work! I’ve been working the Banksia since 1980 and it is a favorite medium for me. '

Comment:  Very nice looking and I don't envy all the 'rotary tool grinding' you had to have done.  The inlay which wraps around the edges ....edges are tough enough power sanding on a lathe.....that must have taken some time.  

Thanks for the Contribution!